Hetty, Byatt and Reese

I just finished the book, Wilder Girls, written by Rory Power.

It is a novel about a girl school on Raxter Island, which is under quarantine, because of the outbreak of a mysterious disease. The disease physically changes the girls… (while the girls at the same time is coming of age). The central part of the story turns around the relationship between three friends: Byatt, Hetty and Reese.  The story also speaks to many other things like our interaction with the environment, climate change and authority. (The book did remind me of the Southern Reach Trilogy of Jeff VanderMeer, at least in terms of certain themes.)

I definitely would recommend it!

Because I think I’d been looking for it all my life – a storm in my body to match the one in my head.

Favorite Quote from Wilder Girls

Wilder Girls’ Pinterest Board:

Feature image: Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

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