How to become a member of the Lonely Trans Creative Collective?

Firstly, what do we do? Not a damn clue, but I will be posting a monthly book review. So, let’s not leverage our expectations ahead of time.

So, there are a few things to comply with to become a member:

  • Lonely: Or differently phrased in need of good company. Please note this is not a dating site. No flirting is encouraged, although it is not discouraged. What you do in your free time, is your own business.
  • Yes, you must be trans, but we are not exclusionary, so if you are comfortable in our space you are welcome. If you misuse this space, we will tear up your Lonely Trans Creative Collective member card.
  • You need to be creative, which includes creative tweets.
  • Collective, in the sense of not being ashamed to associate in many cases with divorced, middle aged, trans women living with their parents.


  • Most important rule, before the first rule, is that everyone is welcome. We want to be open and inclusive. (transcendental principle)
  • What is the first rule of the Lonely Trans Creative Collective: Talk about it. Tell everyone.
  • What is the second rule of the Lonely Trans Creative Collective: Create, we need more queer content to promote queer voices and ideas.
  • What is the third rule: Don’t frown upon people who drink pickle juice recreationally, or are in excessive need of salty snacks. (Please note, at group meetings these will be supplied in ample amounts.)

Current Members:

Treasurer: Alice B (B=Beautiful) Middents

Writers / contributors: Sarah and Alice can’t be the only contributors. So, we need more, writers, podcast witches, painters, flame throwers, Jedi’s, brick throwers, cocktail aficionados, and people that know their way around E.

Website Designer, because currently we don’t have a website. Just a posting on a divorced, middle aged, trans woman living with their parents’ blog.

Community Moderators: …

These are just some ideas of two lonely trans women (one is in pain right now).


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