Funding for African academics and African Masters & PhD students – super helpful! :)

This is a super helpful post sharing information about scholarship opportunities for African MA & PHD students.

Nic Spaull


I’ve reposted Rachel Strohm’s article on “Research and travel funding for African Academics” below. This is a REALLY helpful resource for those looking for funding for research and travel. I’ve also included her funding list for MA and PhD opportunities at the end…

From Rachel:

“As a complement to my list of scholarships for African students doing MAs and PhDs, here are all the research and travel grants that I could find for African professors.  If you come across any others, please send them my way!  They’re listed by funding type and by country or region.

I include the link to the current version of the fellowship or grant offered when I found it, so some of the links may now be out of date.  I don’t have time to update all the links every year, so if you find an outdated link, just Google the current…

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A collage of Nuala from The Dreaming and the cover of Paul takes on the form of a mortal girl

*The feature image is a collage of Nuala from The Dreaming and the cover of Paul takes the form of a mortal girl.

I found the book Paul takes the form of a mortal girl by Andrea Lawlor at the Book Lounge. When I started with the book I was not sure if I like it – I am still not sure if I like it ironically, but I do think it is a great book, which is probably a weird thing to say. Paul/Polly is the main character in the book.

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Interviewing: Accessibility versus Ability

I don’t have really much to say these days, but the following tweet thread from Mekka Okereke just really blew me away. If you are working with students you should properly read this and take this to heart.

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