Being Online

Online Workshops / Meetings

I have been lucky enough to do a Carpentries workshop on R at work. Here is the Carpentries recommendations in terms of presenting a workshop online and it is super comprehensive.

A while ago I took part in the Mozilla Open Leaders 7 programme and it was life-changing. Really got the opportunity to see how transformative online engagement can be. For that reason, I can wholeheartedly recommend these tips for online meetings. And here are some more:

You should read the whole thread!!!

There are various “tools of the trade” for online meetings and engagement. Before you decide on one, take a peak at Mozilla’s privacy and security assessment of video call apps.

Podcasts about Online Life

The Firefox podcast IRL: Online Life is Real Life is really comprehensive and covers various topics of online life.

The Note to Self podcast covers this really important topic: How to create Good Digital Citizens

WordPress Stuff

I had the absolute joy of introducing and helping students with WordPress. I really like WordPress and this article by Gina Trapani highlights all the good things of WordPress.

(As a side note, having your own personal website is super cool. This interesting article encapsulates why it is important and fun to have your own personal website.)

Probably the best place to start in terms of WordPress lesson plans are with the WordPress Training Team’s website.