A short reflection: A queer trans woman attending an international education conference

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I came back today after a week of traveling in Switzerland. I was in the privileged position to visit three partner universities, but also to attend the EAIE conference. It was a great experience.

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Relationships, The Sandman and being Trans

Dangerous? Perhaps.

But evil? She acts according to her nature.

Is that evil?

Dream responding to Barbie, after she says the Cuckoo is evil.

After meeting my partner, a new world opened for me. She introduced me to many new novels, writers and off-planet worlds; hopefully, I did the same for her. Not to be too philosophical, but a love fusion of horizons took place between us. [A kind of a negotiation process between two people to come to some understanding (which is also self-reflective), in our case, to see if we fit with another.] In this whole process (still continuing) one specific writer stood out, namely Neil Gaiman. I knew of him and his work, and more specifically about The Sandman. However, I cannot really say that I had engaged with his work. With my love for Connie, my introduction to the world of the Sandman started and I was introduced to the Endless and the character of Dream. To say merely that a world opened up to me would be an understatement. Death, Dream, Destiny, Destruction (where ever he is), Delirium, Desire and Despair became part of my (our) life.

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A Character Sheet (under construction):

Society has been changing: the School of Mediums has merged with the Church, the Autarch’s barrenness threatens the dissolution of the Royal Line, and powerful corporations seek to shape and modernise the social, sexual, domestic and economic lives of their citizenries.

Felix & Connie

I recently joined a roleplaying game of which the world has been developed/created by two friends. It makes use of Fate Core; we have already started with the game.  We are a group of 5 players, of which one is the game master. I don’t want to talk about the Fate Core System, but more about the world wherein this game takes place and more specifically the development of my character. I will use the post to create kind of an online character sheet, and it will most probably change over time as the game develops and my character develops more.

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