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Graphic Novels:

Matheolane, M. M. The case for the other black woman in ‘Black Panther’. Available at:

Important Political Debates:

McKaiser, E. Confronting whiteness. Available at:

Whiteness Debate on the Mail & Guardian.

McKaiser, E.  A black liberal is not an oxymoron. Available at:

Jara, M. K. Black liberalism is an apology for capitalism. Available at:

McKaiser, E. Liberalism isn’t married to capitalism. Available at:

‘Design Indaba is a white privilege’ – How do we shape an inclusive future? (Author: Gilbert Pooley). Available at:

Sex Work:

Don’t ‘Bible-bash’ sex workers‚ says religious expert (Author: Bongani Mthethwa). Available at:

The Policing Of Sex Work In South Africa. (Authors: Sonke Gender Justice & SWEAT):

Suprihmbé (2017) Forget Hugh Hefner, Learn About These Pornographers & Activists Instead. Available at:

Suicide, violence, and going underground: FOSTA’s body count (Author: Violet Blue). Available at:

Some Tech Stuff:

Holy sh*t, the biggest list of content management systems I have seen!

Trans bodies:

Sonoma, S. (2018) How Black Trans Women Are Redefining Beauty Standards. Available at:

Trans Studies:

Transgender Studies Syllabus (shared) (Author:  Amy Billingsley). Available at:

Trans Motherhood:

Detransition as a Transgender Woman to Become a Mom / them. (Author: Lara Americo). Available at:

My Path To Trans Motherhood (Author: Zoë Wilkinson Saldaña). Available at:

Women in Science & Tech:

Pinto, P. de T. (2017) ‘The journey of a scientist mother’, Science, 356(6339), pp. 774–774. doi: 10.1126/science.356.6339.774.

Smith, E. (2017) Tech, This is Good Bye., Emelia Smith. Available at:

I saw this slide deck recently by Tanya Reilly, called Being Glue; it was shared on twitter:

Yes, the slide deck is aimed at software engineering, but a lot of things discussed in it is also applicable to other fields as well. Please read this, especially if you are still finding your feet at work and trying to be noticed.