What Is Dirt Simple Online? Why Use It?

Emergency Online Teaching at WSU Vancouver

Daniel Stanford, Director of Technology Innovation at DePaul University, talks about the matrix of online delivery as occurring along two axes: immediacy and bandwidth.

Chart showing a number of teaching technologies grouped by level of bandwidth required and amount of immediacy.

Bandwidth is bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth, usually provided by a cable or phone company, that a given technology requires to operate successfully. While many of us live in a post-bandwidth world, with enough bandwidth we don’t think about this as a constraint, between 20 and 40 million Americans don’t have access to stable broadband connections. Even those with usually stable internet access may find their neighborhood connections are periodically unstable due to increased neighborhood demand during stay home orders. So bandwidth is a scarce resource, both more generally and specifically now.

Immediacy is how much a given activity must take place at a given time. As Stanford…

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