Small Update

I have not written anything in a while (I can tweet selfies, but I can’t write short blog posts…) Personally, it has been a hectic time for me. I was promoted at the end of last year to a managerial position. And one thing I can tell you is that managing people is hard. I have been trying to read managerial books, because I really want to be a good and supportive manager. I want my team members to reach their full potential and with that our team objectives. But even reading managerial books can be hard. I have been enjoying reading the posts of Lara Hogan. I also bought her book, Resilient Management. Although I am not a technical manager, I think I have learned some cool stuff from her. She also has a cool newsletter and a blog. I think this blog post is pretty good: Creating predictability and stability in times of Rapid Change which builds on an older post Managering in terrible times. I have also joined a coaching programme at my workplace, and it has helped me immensely, specifically to just talk my thinking through.

Connie and I did finish Tales from the Loop, which I thought was beautiful. I really liked the slow storytelling (I am a slow thinker, I think…) and the intersection of story lines is well done. We couldn’t binge the whole series, because each episode prompted different emotions and feelings. I am still trying to figure out what is the Loop, apart from just being a particle accelerator. Maybe being a child of the 80’s, is what attracts me to the story, like Stranger Things. We are going to start playing the RPG soon.

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